Monday, January 30, 2012

In Warderick Wells

Hi everyone.  For a short while we have a little internet (very little as it turns out, so maybe no pictures just yet) and so wanted to say hi.  We are in Warderick Wells, which is the headquarters for the Exumas Land and Sea Park.  The anchorage is a very distinct channel between otherwise very shallow water, so the colors are really stunning.  We'll post pictures as soon as we get more bandwidth. 

We are once again among other people, but there are still no services just yet.  We're getting down to the last of our fresh food - a few carrots, cabbage, cheese, butter, 3 tomatoes, potatoes and garlic - so we have broken out the canned food finally.  The kids have decided that they LOVE canned fruit.  :)  Canned asparagus, not so much.  Personally, I've started to day dream about restaurants in Seattle.  Yesterday, it was the new(ish) french restaurant on lower Queen Anne -- beignets and french coffee, yum!

The wind is forecast to blow hard over the next few days - 20 knots or so - so we are probably going to stay here until it dies down.  We are then headed to Farmers Cay for the 5 F's festival (First Friday in February Festival at Farmers).  We will then start watching the weather to head north.

We were here in Warderick Wells and at the 5 F's Festival 9 years ago for our honeymoon.  I know it shouldn't be surprising, but things have changed here at Warderick Wells and, strangely, it makes me a bit sad.  As one example, last time, you could do volunteer work at the park to offset the cost of the mooring ball.  Back then (with our smaller boat), the ball was $15, and I think we put in 4 hours each of hard labor to offset that fee, including hauling and making concrete by wheelbarrow/hand.  It was really hard work, but it was also fun and we got to meet many of the other cruisers.  This morning, we asked whether we could volunteer this time - our mooring fee is up to $20 (egad!) - but they don't really have the volunteer program in place.  And there's are now t-shirts and souveniers to buy at the park office.  Which makes it all feel a bit more formal and impersonal.

But it's still stunningly beautiful.  We'll take lots of pics and post them down the road somewhere.

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  1. So great to get the updates and photos - don't need to see the one of Danny in just his hat though :)