Monday, January 9, 2012

Latest from Ft. Lauderdale

Sorry for all the text and no pictures (I've yet to sit down to download pics from the camera).

We got the new sail drive on January 5th, which was Rye's 4th birthday.  We got it installed that day but then learned that the Travelift was booked all day Friday, so the earliest we could drop back in the water was Monday at 3.  So we ran a bunch of errands and tried to get stuff done over the weekend in preparation for dropping in today.  The kids had an amazing time riding scooters around this GIANT, empty yard on the weekend. 

We splashed today at around 3, but while we were in the water (but still in the slings), we discovered there was an adjustment that needed to be made to the propellers.  So we got pulled BACK OUT and are spending the night "in the slings," as they say.  The props have now been re-adjusted and so we expect everything to go well tomorrow.  I will say that it's super comforting to be here at Lauderdale Marine Center and working with Just Catamarans on this stuff, because everyone REALLY knows what they're doing. 

If we do leave Lauderdale Marine Center tomorrow, we might try to make it to Miami tomorrow (which is really just down the road).  And there might be a weather window Wednesday for the Bahamas.  We'll see.

Oh, and a bit of post script on Danny's scooter accident.  Thanks to everyone who has expressed concern about his head, but we're pretty confident that there was no head injury.  First, I asked Danny about 500 times whether he was absolutely sure he didn't hit his head.  Second, his symptoms are very consistent with the type of vertigo you can get from a sudden stop or fall.  You, too, can check the web, just like I did obsessively all day that day. :)

Pics coming soon, I swear.

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  1. Happy late birthday Rye!!!!
    And best wishes to you all. I expect a postcard from the Bahamas. ;)