Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A now for a few photos...

Our stay at the Lauderdale Marine Center, captured in pictures.

Coming out of the water last week:

The offending sail drive (wrapped up so that it won't leak oil all over the yard):

Danny's favorite shot - a car underneath our boat:

The kids hanging at the yard:

There we are, sandwiched between a 60' carbon fiber Gun Boat named "Elvis" and Johnny Depp's boat (appropriately incognito - not really, it's covered because it's being painted).  Uh, which one of these does not belong here?!?

Family portrait in the boat yard (yes, in front of Johnny Depp's boat - we have no shame):

Elvis going back in the water.  Note the size of the lift operator to the lift, which has a 300 ton capacity.

Ahh, back in the water early this morning as the moon sets:

The mechanical update is that the props are adjusted well and everything else seems to be working well, so we're probably going to Miami tomorrow. 

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  1. Happy birthday Rye! And congrats on your re-aqua-ization. We are still in the Keys, looks like work may start in a few days. If you get to Miami and your window doesn't open, we are right down the road. :)