Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sailing at 7 knots ...

... with just the spinnaker flying in the Florida Keys. Oh yeah.


  1. Hi Danny, Susan, Hannah, and Rye Boy!

    I'm quietly lurking in the background reading all of your posts. All the pics are great and keep up the posts.

    I'm really interested in the Johnny Depp vessel and all of the ladies that he must have had onboard to "walk the plank".


  2. We just got caught up on everything, and are very excited to follow your adventures! We love the picture of the sun on the sail, looks absolutely perfect there. Also, cool picture of the car under the Blue Kai, really gave us a good idea of scale. Take good care!


    Chryssa and Nick

    p.s. It snowed here today, right after it hailed. I'm sure you're wishing you'd never left . . .