Monday, February 27, 2012

Little Farmers Cay, Exumas

This is a very quick post to say that we dropped our friends, the Casselmans, off in Nassau 2 days ago and are heading south again.  We had an incredible visit with them and it was really hard to see them go.  The day the Casselmans left, we caught a mild cold front to head back southeast, and after 2 days of sailing (2 half days, really), we are in Little Farmers Cay.   [By the way, this is incredible progress - we are very much appreciating the length of our hulls and that we have 2.]  We're now 1 day from Georgetown (a major location for cruising sailors) if we get a favorable weather window, but it looks like we won't get that window for a week or so.  So the current plan is to make small jumps as much as possible this week (staying as close to the islands as possible to get a lee effect) in order to continue our progress south.  If the current forecast holds, we should have a good window to head south on Sunday.  If we're lucky, we will be in Georgetown before then and head south from there when that window arrives.  

And in the meantime, we are very much still enjoying the Bahamas.  Lunch and internet today at Ocean Cabin in Little Farmers, a trip to the BaTelCo office to make a couple of phone calls, and a totally undeveloped beach about 100 feet off our bow where we're anchored.  Not much to complain about down here. :)

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