Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A More Realistic Picture of Life Aboard

It is very easy to write about the moments of joy and delight we
experience on this adventure. But I often think that I want to share
a more realistic image of what our lives are like aboard Blue Kai, and
I have just found a perfect example. We are anchored in Marigot Baie,
Saint Martin. This is a beautiful French island (actually half of the
island is Dutch but we are on the French side) with fresh baguettes
ashore each morning for less than a dollar.

However, at the moment I am waching tourists zoom by in the anchorage
on their rented dinghies while I wash our clothes by hand in a bucket
(using a toilet plunger as the agitator). So we offer this alternative
mental image in case you have been imagining us on the beach sipping
Mai Tais each day. :)


  1. I am using a plunger right now doing our laundry in honor of my friends. But our clothes won't dry in the rain or damp of the northwest. Yet, Forrest, my son-in-law tells me that neither will clothes dried near salt water. So we have something in common, not the sun, but damp clothes. My best to you in the sunshine. Enjoy the plunge into the warm ocean. Miss you, Danny, Susan, Rye and Hannah.

  2. But... you STILL have a Mai Tai sitting next to the bucket, yes? ;)

    But seriously. Yes, it might seem as if we globe trotters enjoy a perpetual life of decadence and leisure. But of course the truth is - for every 2 (3? 4? 5?) "highs", there's at least 1 or 2 acky "lows" to keep things interesting.