Thursday, February 7, 2013

All is well in Panama

Very quick post while I am standing in a store in Colon Panama. All
is well. We have visited Portobello and we are now staying in the Rio
Chagres, which is up in the jungle. Infrastructure in Panama is very
poor outside Panama City (it seems) so we have very little access to
even a cell signal rght now. Will post more when we have the
internet. It looks like we will not be crossing the Pacific this
season. That was a really, really hard decision. More later.


  1. So glad to have met you all! Check out the maps on our blog ( for info on Bocas and the couple islands on the way. Really looking forward to keeping in touch and hopefully meeting up as you travel North. in cahoots, Laurie (currently in Guanaja)

  2. What an adventure! Not sure what side of the continent you are currently on, but if it is the Pacific side we'll be on the tip of Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula next week. We have a house in Santa Teresa with plenty of room for you and the kids.

    Rob and Meghan