Saturday, March 9, 2013

Getting Ready to Leave

We now have a bottle of medical oxygen, sumatriptan (which came via a number of friends Seattle-New York City-Panama City-Bocas Town), and a reasonable weather window. Below is our route north, including a little easting to start with to try to be able to sail once we hit the trades north of 10 degrees north. We will leave early tomorrow, head east, then to Providencia, then jumps to the Vivorillos Cays, then Guanaja Honduras. If all goes well, we will do it in one passage or about 650 nautical miles. Maybe 5 or so days at sea.

One of the last things we did here in Bocas this morning was to get in another surf lesson for Rye. He was out on a break with a bunch other kids (none as young as him, though), sharing a board with his teacher, Luis. They were so far out we couldn't really see them (pic below) and afterward we found that he had ridden waves on Luis' shoulders a couple of times. I am trying to feign a Buddhist detachment from the fact that I don't have a picture of my kid surfing a wave on someone's shoulders. It's not working very well. :)

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  1. Fair winds and following seas, y'all! We just did that route a month ago. If you need any tips, just holler! - Mother Jones