Friday, June 22, 2012

A Time of Transition

We are in a time of transition. Ironically, I guess the transition is from being in a relatively constant state of movement to sitting still, getting to know a new place, and saying goodbye (some temporary, some permanent) to people that we have been traveling with at different times over the last 6 months. It's quite hard and emotional. It may not be as intense as surviving a risky climb, but we have had many miles to commiserate and help each other with broken wind generators and refrigerators barely keeping temp and pain-in-the-ass customs officials and whether to lock the dinghy at night and the fish landed or lost and where to get laundry done and and and ...

As a testament to the kind of transition place this is, the boatyards are chockfull of beautiful, blue water, cruising boats that are on the hard for hurricane season (which started June 1, by the way). It's a wonderful treat to see them all.

FYI, we are still sorting out our July-August plan, but it now looks like we will be leaving the boat in Grenada not Trinidad. And as its nearly 90 every day down here, we are hoping for seriously cold, wet weather in Seattle. Seriously.

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