Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dolphin of Leith

Here is a short clip of our friends on Dolphin of Leith leaving Mt. Hartman Bay, Grenada on their way, ultimately to New Zealand.  Dolphin is a 108 year old, 28 foot, gaff rigged cutter.  Wooden hull, of course.  Dolphin is home to a family of four, who started their journey in the UK.  Dad, Ian, was raised on the boat and at the age of 3, sailed to South Africa.  His son, Finn, is 3, and his daughter, Petra, is 21 months.  The connection with New Zealand is that mom, Vicky, is a Kiwi.  Dolphin has crossed the Atlantic 5 times now.

We had a wonderful time connecting with Dolphin during their short visit here.  The kids were all in school at Miss Patty's, and the adults shared an wonderful historical tour of the island.  We hope to reconnect with Dolphin in Panama, if all goes well.  (And, who knows, perhaps we will visit them in New Zealand as well.)

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