Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Atolls of Belize

We are in Belize now, currently anchored off of Half Moon Cay on
Lighthouse Reef. It is stunning out here - lots of shallows and sandy
bottoms so the water colors are magnificent. We are anchored over
sand and see rays swim by fairly regularly. The Belize atolls feel
much like the Bahamas, but much more remote. We have seen two
sailboats in over 3 days (although we see a regular stream of
liveaboard dive boats that come through and then leave). And the
charts are basically just guidelines, so we feel like we are really
"out there." It's basically all visual, read-and-run navigation with
controlling depths as shallow as 5-6 feet in many places.

We are grateful to be having a wilderness experience here - it feels
like we could stay for a month (especially if we had a few more
eggs!). Making this place feel even more precious is the knowledge
that we are getting ever closer to Florida and the full-on
civilization of the United States.

We have also been having a wonderful time with guests here in Belize.
Our dear neighbor, Kate, is with us now. And our good friends Kate
and Chase Jarvis spent a little under a week with us on Ambergris and
Caye Caulker.

So, as you can probably tell, we are basically we're blissed out down

Over and out for now,
Blue Kai

(And thanks to my sis, Marla, for posting this on the blog, as the
only connection we have with civilization is email on our SSB radio.)


  1. Ah, so you finally made it to my 20+ year work/playground. So glad you like it so much. g-knows I fell in love with Belize back in '84 and... dumped my career in Colorado and started running trips down there - back when few had even heard of it.

    And yes, yes, Half Moon Caye on Lighthouse Reef - there was a sanctuary there for Blue-footed Booby birds - is it still there? And nearby - the Blue Hole - I once dove it down to 160 feet!

    So glad your adventure is going so well. My own here in Asia is better than I could have ever dreamed.

  2. Sounds beautiful!

    I'm curious why the eggs are so important? For protein? Or something else? Haha, just wondering!

    Hugs from Sonya H.

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