Friday, May 3, 2013

Belize City

Here is a little newsy blog post. Newsy meaning short because we, as always, have little free time and slow Internet.

All is well on Blue Kai. We are currently at a marina in Belize City. We pulled in for 2 days to get groceries, do laundry and pick up our good friend, Jon, who is here to join his wife, Kate. As soon as possible (hopefully this morning after we confirm Chris Parker's weather forecast), we will be heading out to the atolls again.

We had a CRAZY squall here last night. Danny saw 56.1 kts on the wind speed indicator, and we saw a large charter catamaran literally blow sideways out of the marina just feet from our stern. We could see the guests standing in the cockpit doorway illuminated by the interior lights as they flew by. It was surreal. (The boat and people all appear fine, by the way. We woke to find them back in their original slip.). And Blue Kai rode the storm out uneventfully. The kids didn't even wake up!

The other "news" I will share is my (Susan's) biggest fish catch ever. A 25 pound Cobia. Not as big as our friend, Jim's, but close. We will have it for dinner tonight!

Signing off for now,
Blue Kai


  1. Nice catch, Susan! Hugs from Sonya H.

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