Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dry Tortugas

We had a terrific passage from Puerto Morelos, Mexico to the Dry
Tortugas. It took just about 48 hours - 24 hours under sail and 24
hours motor sailing. It was fantastic for a last, true offshore
passage ("true" meaning in comparison to the passages we'll having
moving north in Florida, which will technically be offshore but not
out in the middle of the ocean or anything). The seas were moderate
and, although the moon was not quite full, it was so bright that it
was hard to spot ships at night. Really, really nice.

Anyway, for those who are tracking our progress, a cold front is
coming through the keys, with strong NE winds to follow. Based on the
current forecast, it looks like we will be pinned here for about a
week. There is a fair amount to explore while we wait for the weather
- Fort Jefferson, a salt water croc in the moat of the fort (allegedly
blown here from Cuba in a hurricane), Goliath Grouper just off the
dinghy dock, and a windjammer wreck to snorkel.

It feels strange to be here in the Dry Tortugas - we are so close yet
so far from civilization. We are running pretty low on fresh veggies
and fruit and would be excited to find a typical developing world veggie
market, not to mention a US grocery store. Yet we are surrounded by a
good number of boats from the US (I can't imagine what their
provisions look like!), and there is a high speed passenger ferry and
3 float planes bringing visitors here every day. Apparently we can buy
ice from the passenger ferry if they have a surplus, and I asked Danny
(with some seriousness) whether we might also be able to place a
grocery store order with the ferry. But it's probably best we have a
few days to try to finish off our oatmeal, canned veggies and fruits
while they still seem appetizing.

So long for now from Blue Kai in the Dry Tortugas!

p.s. We'll probably wait until we hit civilization to update again.

(posted by sister Marla-- email arrived on 5/25, but due to being out
of town I was unable to post. Apologies.)

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  1. Glad to hear the passage went smoothly! Hugs from Sonya H.